T'Achak T'Andar

Chadra-fan Repulsorlift Cheif


Type: Chandra-Fan Repulsorlift Chief

  • DEXTERITY 2D+1 Dodge 4D
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D Value: Repulsorlift Vehicles 4D
  • MECHANICAL 4D+1 Ground vehicle operation 5D+1, Hover Vehicle Operation 5D+1, Repulsorlift Operation 6D+2
  • PERCEPTION 3D Gambling 4D
  • STRENGTH 2D+1 Climbing/Jumping 3D, Stamina 3D+2
  • TECHNICAL 4D Repulsorlift Repair 5D+2

Special Abilities: Sight: Chandra-Fan have the ability to see in the infra-red and ultraviolet ranges, allowing them to see in all conditions short of absolute darkness.

Smell: Chandra-Fan have extremely sensitive senses of smell which gives them a +2D bonus to their search skill when attempting to locate something by scent.

Force Points: 1

Character Points: 10

Move: 7

Equipment: Crash Helmet (+1D physical, +1 energy), Pilot’s Uniform


T’achak was originally hired by Incom to design new air and landspeeders. But the young Chandra-Fan was bored behind a design table, and soon moved from design to the more exciting job of testing prototypes. He was exceptionally good at driving each test vehicle to its redline limits, proving that his colleagues’ designs worked. Unfortunately, he had a habit of taking prototypes out for joyrides or drag races against other designs – something which resulted in a lot of wagers on the side and far too many crashed repulsorlift vehicles.

T’achak bounced from one company to another, test-piloting their new vehicles up to and over their limits – he has worked for Ubrikkian, Aratech, Ikas-Adno and Mobquet, among others. At each company he’d eventually take some prototype vehicle out for a spin or a race, placing bets on how fast he could take it, how sharp he could turn it, and how much it could beat out other test vehicles. When he ran out of design companies to work for, T’achak floundered for a while, working for a few planet bound smuggling groups and even a swoop gang before he joined the New Republic. The New Republic has tried to put him where he could do the least amount of damage – on single patrol of a remote planetary outpost. Only recently did the New Republic assign him to help support operations with Page’s Commandos. Of course, when Lieutenant Page had the chance to get rid of T’achak, he assigned the Chadra-Fan to duty aboard the FarStar.

T’achak is a happy-go-lucky kind of Chadra-Fan, who cares mostly about flying fast and winning a few bets. He also cares about maintaining his repulsorlift vehicles – making sure they’re in working order and modifying them to go as fast as possible. Oddly enough, T’achak always seems to jump clear of any speeder he manages to crash, suffering only minor injuries. He claims his survival is due to always wearing his crash helmet (he never takes it off) and to modifying most of his craft with what he calls a “redbutton sissy strap” – a seat belt or restraint harness to keep the rider aboard the craft, released by the pilot with a small explosive charge in times of emergency. A cheery little fellow, he’s not above placing bets on anything that moves fast, and enjoys chattering with other technicians about how to make their own craft faster by compromising certain “unnecessary safety features.”

T'Achak T'Andar

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