Bitter Shipboard Constable

  • DEXTERITY 4D Blaster: Heavy Blaster Pistol 6D+1, Dodge 5D
  • KNOWLEDGE 3D Streetwise 4D+1, Survival 4D
  • MECHANICAL 2D+2 Repulsorlift operation 4D
  • PERCEPTION 2D Search 3D, Sneak 4D
  • STRENGTH 3D+1 Brawling 5D, Climbing/Jumping 4D+1
  • TECHNICAL 3D First aid 4D, Security 5D

Force Points: 1

Dark Side Points: 1

Character Points: 5

Move: 10

Equipment: Breastplate from bounty hunter armor (+2D physical, +1D energy, torso only), heavy blaster pistol (5D), medpac


Scoryn is a bitter woman who seems to have been on the run all her life. Her face is weathered and rough, although once it was considered pretty. Scoryn’s black hair is now streaked with gray, and she ties it back in a tail or sometimes braids it. She rarely smiles, preferring to hide any emotion behind a stoic face and dark eyes.

The FarStar crew needed someone to help keep order in the ship’s close quarters – as well as someone to lend any combat support to ground teams or boarding parties. Scoryn filled the command crew’s expectations perfectly. She has few personal attachments to any among the crew, and is a staunch supporter of order, both aboard the ship and in tactical situations. Gorak Khzam uses her to keep crew members from fighting, and is the closest person aboard to a security patrol.

Although she stays aloof from the crew (except when mediating disputes), she has some odd loyalty to her immediate supervisor, Security Officer Gorak Khzam.


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