Qesya Vth'naar

Sludir Gladiator

  • DEXTERITY 4D+2 Brawling Parry 6D+2, Dodge 5D+2, Melee Combat: Vibro-Ax 8D, Melee Parry 6D
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D+1 Intimidation 5D, Willpower 4D
  • STRENGTH 5D Brawling 7D, Stamina 6D
  • TECHNICAL 2D First Aid 3D

Special Abilities:

Natural Armor: A Sludir’s skin adds +1D against physical attacks.

Force Points: 1

Dark Side Points: 1

Character Points: 6

Move: 8

Equipment: Battered armor breast and back plates (1D physical, +1 energy), blaster pistol (4D), vibro-ax (STR3D)


Qesya Vth’naar was one of several prisoners in Moff Sarne’s detention block kept for their gladiatorial skills. They were sometimes pitted against each other in fights to the death to amuse the Moff and his twisted followers. Qesya was one of his more successful gladiators, and he often sent her to fight “new acquisitions” to test their mettle.

One such gladiatorial contest was against her own brother – when Quyik Vth’naar yielded to his sister, Moff Sarne threatened to execute them both if Qesya didn’t finish him. As she dispatched her brother so that one member of their family would still live on, Qesya made a silent pledge to someday murder Moff Sarne for what he did. She probably won’t make her true intentions known to other crew members at first, and won’t relate much about her past other than she was a gladiator who fought for Moff Sarne’s entertainment.

Qesya joined the FarStar’s crew to lend combat support to any ground teams, where she might find “honor in death.” Her fierce hand-to-hand combat style often intimidates enemies. Although she prefers to use her oversized, two-handed vibro-ax in combat, she is sometimes required to use a blaster pistol for ranged combat. Qesya often hesitates to draw her blaster, as her sense of battle honor follows a certain protocol whereby combatants are close enough to clearly see their opponents. Hiding, retreating, and even taking cover are concepts which she either does not understand or abhors as dishonorable to a warrior.

Qesya has formed a friendship with the simplistic alien Guntharm assuming the role of protector. The two were imprisoned in Moff Sarne’s detention block together and both fought in his gladiatorial arena.

Qesya Vth'naar

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