Messenger Drone

Incom Q-Signal Messenger Drone / Automated Messenger Drone


Scale: Starfighter

Length: 6.2 Meters

Skill: Space Transports

Crew: None (fully automated droid brain with Astrogation 6D, Space Transports 4D)

Cargo Capacity: 800 kg

Consumables: 3 weeks

Cost: 18,500

Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1

Nav Computer: 1 Jump

Space: 7

Hull: 1D


The FarStar has six messenger drones that are used to send messages back to the New Republic provisional government on Kal’Shebbol. The droids must be programmed with astrogation coordinates. These drones are used to deliver detailed information, astrogation and jump coordinates, and have an eight cubic meter cargo bay for delivering physical samples.

They are one trip vehicles and have no communications units: the FarStar can only fire them off to Kal’Shebbol and hope that they get there.

Messenger Drone

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