Wookie Mechanic


Type: Wookiee Mechanic

  • DEXTERITY 3D+1 Brawling Parry 5D, Dodge 4D
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D Intimidation 4D+2, Survival 3D+2, Value: Starships 5D, Willpower 3D
  • MECHANICAL 2D Capital Ship Piloting 3D+2, Capital Ship Shields 3D, Communications 3D+1, Sensors 3D
  • PERCEPTION 2D+l Command 4D
  • STRENGTH 5D Brawling 6D+2, Brawling: Wrruushi (A) 8D+2, Climbing/jumping 5D+2, Lifting 6D, stamina 6D
  • TECHNICAL 3D+1 Capital Starship Repair 7D+2, Capital Starship Weapon Repair 6D+2, Computer Programming/Repair 4D+l, Droid Programming 4D, Droid Repair 5D, Repulsorlift Repair 4D, Security 5D, Space Transports Repair 4D+2

Special Skills: Strength skills: Brawling: Wrruushi: Time to use: one round. Wrruushi is a specialized form of Wookiee martial arts; only Wookiees may use this specialization. Characters using Wrruushi receive bonuses only when fighting someone who has no specialized martial arts training. When using Wrruushi, a character brawling adds +lD to brawling and +1D to brawling damage. If the Wookiee beats the attack roll by more than 10 points, the Wookiee may choose to instead inflict stun damage, receiving a +2D+1 to damage (instead of the +1D to normal Strength damage). Wrruushi may not be used by a Wookiee in a berserker rage. A Wookiee character must have brawling at 6D before learningWrruushi. It costs double the normal number of Character Points to advance this specialization.

Special Abilities: Berserker Rage: If a Wookiee becomes enraged, he gets a +2D bonus to Strength for brawling damage. The Wookiee also suffers a -1D penalty to all non-Strength attribute and skill checks. To calm down, the character must make a Moderate Perception roll. Climbing Claws: Add +2D to climbing skill, but they may not be used honorably in hand-to-hand combat.

Force Points: 2

Character Points: 10

Move: 12

Equipment: Repair kit (+1D to capital starship repair and capital starship weapon repair rolls), roll of duratape, satchel, wires


This reddish-brown furred Wookiee is an old friend of Kaiya Adrimetrum’s – the two served in the same Rebel unit after Kaiya left her homeworld of Siluria to join the Alliance. The two developed a close friendship through several infiltration missions. Lofryyhn always provided good technical support for missions, and wasn’t too bad in combat, either. Although the two rarely speak of their adventures together, it is rumored that Lofryyhn saved Kaiya’s life on more than one occasion. Kaiya claims Lofryyhn knows a very specialized form of Wookiee martial arts called Wrruushi which makes him downright devastating in close quarters combat – although the Wookiee avoids the subject.

Lofryyhn later put his technical expertise to work aboard a Rebel Blockade Runner (a modified Corellian Corvette) transporting Alliance special ops teams throughout the Outer Rim Territories. Unfortunately, the ship was captured by pirates, and Lofryyhn was sold to slavers. To this day he still wears the brand of the Sabiador Slavers who sold him to Moff Sarne. Rather than pitting the Wookiee against other large aliens in his gladatorial arena, Sarne recognized Lofryyhn‘s technical talents and put him to work in his docking bays, repairing transports and small capital ships under close guard.

Now that he’s free, Lofryyhn wants to help the New Republic however he can. Right now, that’s serving as the FarStar’s chief mechanic. He spent some time working on the FarStar when it was Moff Sarne’s ship, and he’s very familiar with the old ship. Lofryyhn knows the FarStar’s idiosyncrasies, from the proper hum of the ion engines to the glitches in the electrical systems. He’s slung a hammock in a small engineer’s station aft, but he’s seldom there – the FarStar requires his almost constant attention to stay operational.

Lofryyhn is also a bit of a tinkerer, and is fond of using his roll of duratape and some wiring he keeps in his satchel to string the FarStar’s systems together. In what little spare time he has, Lofryyhn is fond of constructing small gadgets out of the scraps he finds around the ship, or out of useless starship parts. Due to the lack of new parts, not everything he constructs is practical. Lofryyhn once created the equivalent of a tracking bug about as big as his fist – he could have made it smaller, but he didn’t have the proper parts to work with.

Lofryyhn commands several technicians whose sole job is to maintain the FarStar. Most of these technicianshave some knowledge of Wookiee, or, at least know what he’s saying half the time. Kaiya, of course, can communicate freely with Lofryyhn, too. The immense Wookiee is a fairly chummy being, and enjoys laughing with the crew and listening to their stories from far-off systems.


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