Ship's Doctor



Doctor Akanseh
Species: Mon Calamari Position: Ship’s Surgeon Rank: Seasoned Total XP: 25
Age: 42 Gender: Male Height: 5’7 Weight: 174 lbs. Eyes: Gold Hair: Bald Skin: Pink/Brown


Pace: 6"
Parry: 2
Toughness: 4
Charisma: 0
Skills Hindrances


Healing: d10
Intimidation: d6
Investigation: d8
Knowledge(Computers): d8
Knowledge(Droids): d10
Knowledge(Organic Physiology): d8
Knowledge(Medicine): d10
Persuasion: d8
Shooting: d6
swimming: d4


Wounds: 0
Fatigue: 0




Weapon Range ROF Damage Ammo Location Weight Type Notes
Weapon Range ROF Damage Ammo Location Weight Type Notes
Weapon Range ROF Damage Ammo Location Weight Type Notes
Weapon Range ROF Damage Ammo Location Weight Type Notes
Armor Type Tn Area
Armor Type Tn Area
Armor Type Tn Area
Miscellaneous Gear On person Personal Effects in Quarters Personal Effects in Ship’s Storage
Total Weight ##

This Mon Calamari surgeon was a great philanthropist who dreamed of bringing medical services to the underprivileged backwater worlds of the Outer Rim Territories. He was already an accomplished surgeon when he fled his homeworld, avoiding slave service with the Empire. Akanseh spent several years in hiding, working on a surgical suite almost fully automated by droids. The suite’s components could fit in the hold of a light freighter and could be quickly assembled to form a field surgery unit. Akanseh planned to supervise the surgical suite, with his medical droids assisting him and performing many routine operations on their own.

Akanseh actually constructed his suite and assembled a choice group of medical droids he programmed himself. Around the time of the Empire’s defeat at Endor, he began bringing his medical services to several backwater worlds, helping many beings oppressed by the Empire. Several free-traders helped him transport his surgical suites to other backwater systems, usually in exchange for free medical services or a reduced travel fee.

But Akanseh’s plans ran afoul of Moff Kentor Sarne. On his last trip, the freighter he was traveling with was captured by an Imperial Interdictor cruiser. Akanseh was taken to Kal’Shebbol as Sarne’s prisoner, and his surgical suite was put into the Moff’s service.

Akanseh was freed when New Republic forces and Page’s Commandos liberated Kal’Shebbol from Moff Sarne’s iron grip. He often claims his imprisonment in Sarne’s prison was spent tinkering with droids and offering medical attention to other prisoners.

His official duties aboard the FarStar include keeping track of all medical supplies and machinery, as well as maintaining a pool of operational droids of all kinds. He’s very interested in bringing medical advances and assistance to anyone the FarStar encounters, as Akanseh believes withholding medical attention is just as bad as actually inflicting injury. Akanseh is not a good combat field medic and he often becomes confused in stressful combat situations. However, he is good at his shipboard medical duties, and is also very effective working with droids. His ultimate goal is to somehow replicate his portable surgical suite aboard the FarStar. Since this isn’t the mission’s primary objective, he secretly works to his own end, hoarding medical equipment and supplies when he can, and when his medical or droid expertise are not required elsewhere.


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