DarkStryder Campaign

This campaign is about the crew of the FarStar, pursuing the fleeing Moff Sarne into unknown space. Without any line of support, the FarStar and her crew are on their own. Racing against time, and against the odds, the crew must endure harsh conditions if they wish to catch Sarne, and learn the secrets behind the DarkStryder Technology. This will not be an easy task, considering the limitations the crew is under. The New Republic Defense Fleet could only spare a few token members to crew the FarStar, and so most of the crew are conscripts from Kal’Shebbol. 120 beings from different walks of life(and unknown political leanings) must work together, under the close watch of Captain Ciro and his staff if they want to survive.

A Different Kind of Game:

Each player will be responsible for at least three characters(one Command crew, one support crew, and one of the player’s own design.) and will sometimes be asked to play extras. This story is about the crew of the FarStar as a whole, and this style of play reflects that. Additionally it gives players a chance to stretch their roleplaying skills, as they will have to switch back and forth between different personalities on a regular basis.

Realistically Heroic:

This game is meant to be a little more gritty and dangerous than your typical Star Wars campaign. It has been described as “realistically heroic”. Characters can and will die, and are expected to make heroic sacrifices if necessary. Often times in this adventure, the path forward will be paved in the bodies of the FarStar’s crew. Captain Ciro and the other command crew will have to make hard decisions, but if everything was easy then the crew of the FarStar wouldn’t be heroic, would they?

As Captain Ciro is fond of saying “It’s storms, not ships, that make a spacer.”

Joining the game:

This game meets to play on Sunday afternoons. If you’re interested in joining, click the “Want to Join?” button on the right. Before you worry about making a character, head on over to the Adventure Log to catch up with the story so far. The introductory story is pretty good, and written by prolific Star Wars Author Timothy Zahn. Then, head over to the forums section and let us know who you are!

STAR WARS: The DarkStryder Campaign

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