Kal’Shebbol Is Kathol sector’s capital system and, as Sarne’s personal seat of power, was among the most oppressive planets in the area. The first settlement was founded four centuries ago by a group of escaped Twi’lek slaves. While they found the planet’s wide open and moist weather unnerving because it was so different from their home caverns on Ryloth, they quickly adapted, developing farms and domesticating the herds of chollas that grazed the plains. The world was a good choice because it was on a trade route(being on the way to Gandle Ott), but was isolated enough that the Twi’lek clans could expect to be left alone to live in peace.

In time, many other groups came to settle on Kal’Shebbol, but each new family Twi’lek or not, had to be officially adopted by one of the Twi’lek clans before being allowed to settle. The population grew to several million within 50 years and Kal’Shebbol soon became a major trading post rather than just a layover point.

When Kathol sector was formally accepted into the Old Republic, Kal’Shebbol was selected as the sector capital simply because it was closer to Old Republic space than remote Gandle Ott.

With the emergence of the Empire and the despotic rule of Moff Sarne, the entire social structure was overturned. The clan and city-state governments were forced to abide by the decisions of appointed Imperial Prefects, who had neither the knowledge nor the desire to maintain society in “the traditional way.” Over the course of the last decade, the Imperial government has increasingly intruded on the private lives of Kal’Shebbol’s citizens. By the time the New Republic arrived, virtually all private industries had been nationalized, while free passage on and off the planet was a thing of the past. all displays of culture not directly in line with Imperial dictates were brutally suppressed.

The New Republic has established a new provisional government under the control of Governor Monjai. Monjai sees her primary task as preventing the planet from degenerating into chaos and she is spending a good deal of time building good will among the populace; the fact that she is an Elomin rather than a Human has been reassuring to the sizable alien communities. the New Republic expects to deploy a protection fleet to Kal’Shebbol within two or three months, but for the time being Monjai must try to cobble together a planetary defense force from whatever wasn’t destroyed during the attack on Moff Sarne’s forces.


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