R-97 Quartermaster Droid

Bossikan/Rendili R-97 Quartermaster Droid

  • KNOWLEDGE 3D Bureaucracy 4D, Value 3D+2
  • PERCEPTION 3D Search 4D
Equipped with:
  • Two auto-balance legs with extensions
  • Four Arms
  • Domed head with photoreceptors and micro-scanner for inventory


HEIGHT: 2 Meters tall (can raise up to 3 meters)

COST: 4,000


R-97 is the FarStar’s quartermaster and is charged with keeping track of and allocating equipment, weapons, and stores. R-97 is one of the more interactive droids aboard the FarStar; he actually engages in what seems like bartering before allocating equipment. He will try to talk the crew out of certain items “in the interest of preserving the ship’s stores,” or to tell them something is out of stock when there is clearly an ample supply.

The droid doesn’t particularly desire any type of good, but he just has a prominent stubborn streak and is surly enough to argue to get things done his way. A clever droid, R-97 might even go so far as to hide a few prized items, thus avoiding the need to let them go from the supply areas. R-97 has extendable leg retracts that enable him to raise himself up to almost three meters in height; he’s been known to put the most valuable items on the uppermost storage shelves where few biologicals can reach them.

Since there are so many supply areas aboard the FarStar, R-97 leaves SE-4 Servant Droids and J9 worker drones as lookouts to prevent “unauthorized raids” on his supply stores – they are supposed to watch over the “untrustworthy organics” assigned to help maintain the supply areas. While the servant droids won’t give FarStar crew members too much of a fight, they will report any incidents to R-97, who will most certainly give the offending crew members a very difficult time when they need supplies.

R-97 only follows the direct orders of the captain, and even then the devious droid will attempt to circumvent those orders if he has a grudge against the person requesting supplies.

R-97 Quartermaster Droid

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