Probe Droid

Arakyd Viper Probe Droid

  • DEXTERITY 3D Blaster 4D
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D+2 Planetary Systems 4D
  • MECHANICAL 3D Sensors 6D
  • PERCEPTION 3D Search 4D, Search: Tracking 7D+1

Equipped with:

  • Long-range sensor
  • Movement sensor
  • Atmosphere sensor
  • Blaster cannon
  • Self-Destruct mechanism
  • Repulsor generator (movement over any terrain)
  • Several retractable manipulator arms
  • Several retractable sensor arms for gathering samples

MOVE: 14

HEIGHT: 1.6 Meters tall

COST: 14,500

Probot Hyperspace Pod

Craft: Arakyd Probe-mate Hyperspace Pod

Type: Probot Hyperspace Pod

Scale: Starfighter

Length: 3.4 meters

Crew: None (fully automated droid brain with astrogation 6D, Space transports 4D)

Passengers: Probot

Consumables: 1 Month

Cost: 24,500

Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1

Nav Computer: 2 Jumps

Space: 8

Atmosphere: 415; 1,200 km/h

Hull: 2D

Sensors: Passive – 100/1D, Scan – 200/2D, Search – 300/3D, Focus – 10/4D


The FarStar has six probe droids for star mapping and exploring worlds. The probots are slaved to their hyperspace pods and are sent to unexplored systems. They survey any potentially habitable worlds from orbit, looking for signs of civilization. They use their subspace transceiver to broadcast all data back to the FarStar. These droids are also used to plot additional astrogation routes to provide the FarStar with a more complete picture of the Kathol sector. Each droid can operate independently for up to one month before having to return to the FarStar for reprogramming.

Probe Droid

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