Overseer Droid

Ubrikkian DD-19 "Overseer" Droid

  • KNOWLEDGE 1D+2 Alien Languages 3D+2
  • PERCEPTION 2D Command 3D, Command: droids 5D, Con 3D, Search 3D
  • TECHNICAL 2D Computer programming/repair 4D, Droid Programming 5D, Droid Repair 5D, Security 3D

Equipped with:

  • Two tracked feet
  • Two extendable arms
  • Three photoreceptors
  • Broad band antenna-reciever
  • Restraining bolt applicator and remover


HEIGHT: 1.7 Meters tall

COST: 4,500


The Ubrikkian overseer droid DD-19 is the terror of the FarStar’s droid bay. Not only is the droid able to process the needs of several other droids at once, but it is able to communicate the necessary commands in the electronic information-dense languages favored by many sophisticated droids (to Humans, the languages sound like a series of chirps and whines). The droid is actually able to watch over up to 50 droids at once, but field experience has proven that a maximum of 15 to 20 is more manageable.

DD-19 has been nicknamed “the slave-master” because of its seemingly harsh treatment of the other droids. If a droid becomes unruly, DD-19 has the authority to apply restraining bolts. DD-19 also has the ability to remove not only it’s own restraining bolts, but those placed by others.

Overseer Droid

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