Defel Scout


Type: Defel Scout

  • DEXTERITY 4D Blaster 6D, Blind Fighting 7D, Brawling Parry 6D, Dodge 5D+1, Melee Combat 7D+2, Melee Parry 6D+1, Thrown Weapons 6D+1
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D+l Intimidation 4D+2, Planetary Systems 4D, Streetwise 5D+2, Survival 7D, Willpower 4D
  • MECHANICAL 2D+2 Communications 4D, Repulsorlift Operation 4D+2, Sensors 3D+2, Space Transports 3D+l
  • PERCEPTION 3D+1 Investigation 4D+1, Search 5D, Search: Tracking 7D+2, Sneak 6D
  • STRENGTH 3D+2 Brawling 7D, Climbing/Jumping 5D+2, Stamina 4D+2
  • TECHNICAL 2D Demolition 4D+2, First Aid 4D, Security 5D+2

Special Skills: Dexterity skills: Blind Fighting: Time to use: one round. Defels can use this skill instead of their brawling or melee combat skills when deprived of their sight Visors or otherwise rendered blind. Blind Fighting teaches a Defel to use its sense of smell and hearing to overcome any blindness penalties.

Special Abilities: Invisibility: Defel receive a +3D bonus when using the sneak skill. Claws: A Defel’s claws inflict STR+2D damage. Light Blind: Without a special sight visor, a Defel is blind. If a Defel’s visor is lost, all tasks involving sight are increased by one difficulty level.

Force Points: 3

Dark Side Points: 2

Character Points: 17

Move: 10

Equipment: Satchel


When the FarStar needs a good picture of what’s on a planet’s surface and a subtle way to gather information on its inhabitants without notice, the crew sends a scout team led by the Defel Kl’aal. The FarStar’s stoic forward scout is a mysterious individual. He literally emerged from the shadows on Kal’Shebbol to join the FarStar crew. He believes that the New Republic has plenty of work to be done in Kathol sector, and he wants to help make a difference – or so Kl’aal claims. The FarStar crew couldn’t pass up a Defel for a forward scout; his natural ability to blend into shadow is perfect for examining worlds and peoples without being seen. Few know of Kl’aal’s origins or of his true reasons for joining the New Republic expedition _ and Kl’aal wants to keep it that way.

Kl’aal mostly keeps to himself (when he allows others to see him), and excels at planetary scouting sorties where he can roam on his own, collecting information and pursuing his own personal agenda. He often disappears from the scouting party, returning when he feels he has completed his mission objectives. Kl’aal considers most of what he does on these personal sorties to be a private matter, not for discussion among the crew. He does not speak much, and he does not waste words on petty pleasantries. Kl’aal is very literal in his mission reports and does not embellish his word – if he says something, he can be trusted not to exaggerate. Some crew members, however, do note a savage sense of satisfaction each time Kl’aal returns from a sortie.

Kl’aal tends to avoid involving himself in ship board matters on the FarStaras long as he can get down to a planet once every week or so. The petty politics and power plays of other beings do not interest him, and he is a staunch supporter of Captain Ciro and First Officer Adrimetrum. Occasionally the Rodian accompanies Kl’aal down to a planet after it’s been thoroughly scouted – the two enjoy sharing the thrill of the hunt. Unlike the Rodian, Kl’aal believes the hunt to be an honorable contest between two beings; predator and prey. He avoids ranged combat and rarely carries a blaster.

Kl’aal has no true place of his own on the ship, but the crew generally assumes he hides wherever he can when not needed. He has an uncanny ability to appear when needed – or when others are speaking of him. Nobody among the FarStar crew has ever seen Kl’aal eat.


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