Keleman Ciro

The captain of the FarStar is a reserved, but insistent man, who considers the opinions of his officers, and expects his orders to be obeyed without hesitation.

Type: Commando
  • DEXTERITY 3D+2 Blaster 5D+2, Dodge 6D, Melee Combat 4D+1, Vehicle Blasters 4D+2
  • KNOWLEDGE 3D Alien Species 4D, Cultures 3D+2, Planetary Systems 4D+2, Willpower 7D+1
  • MECHANICAL 2D+1 Beast Riding 2D+2, Repulsorlift Operation 3D
  • PERCEPTION 3D+2 Command 4D+1, Persuasion 5D, Search 4d+2, Sneak 5d+1
  • STRENGTH 3D+1 Climbing/Jumping 4D+2
  • TECHNICAL 2D Computer Programming/Repair 7D+2, Demolition 3D+1

Force Points: 1

Character Points: 11

Move: 10

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (4D), Comlink, Blast Vest (+1D physical, +1 energy), Datapad


A former sergeant in Page’s Commandos, Keleman Ciro is quickly making the transition from elite operative to captain of the New Republic Corvette FarStar. Despite his lack of command experience, Ciro has shown a remarkable resistance to the effects of the DarkStryder mindwarping modules, leading Lieutenant Page to believe that Ciro’s mental strength might be a deciding factor in the FarStar’s mission.

Ciro was a computer programming student and planned a “quiet” career in front of flickering computer screens. However, as the Empire’s repressive grip tightened on his homeworld of Dolomar, Keleman found himself drawn into a local resistance group. After participating in a series of guerilla assaults that toppled Dolomar’s Imperial Governor, Keleman joined up with the New Republic proper. His brother Noell, seeing the opportunity to leave his isolated homeworld, also signed up for New Republic duty. While Noell was assigned to the New Republic’s pilot corps, Keleman began an intensive training course for commando operatives. After exceptional performances during his initial assignments in Brak sector, Ciro was transferred to Page’s Commandos. In the two years since joining the flamboyant commandos, Keleman has repeatedly proven his worth to Page’s Commandos.

Ciro is confident in his own abilities, particularly his computer skills, but he lacks the bravado of many New Republic commandos. He prefers to let his actions speak for themselves.

In his role as commander of the FarStar, Ciro is reserved but insistent: he has no use for shows of bluster and temper, and he expects his orders to be followed immediately and without question. He often chooses to listen to all opinions and then issue his opinion with a minimum of explanation – those who want to follow his orders will be rewarded accordingly, while those who want to do things their own way can be dropped off at the next inhabited planet. Ciro knows that survival depends on building a focused team and he doesn’t have time for coddling anyone’s personal preferences.

Ciro is ill at ease commanding such a large crew, but Page’s confidence in his abilities makes him sure that he will ultimately succeed at his duties even if there are going to be a few rough spots in the early going.

Ciro is a non-descript Human male of medium height with dark hair. He is in his early thirties but is in better shape than most men a decade younger.

Keleman Ciro

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