Kaiya Adimetrum

First Officer of the FarStar


Type: New Republic Commander

  • DEXTERITY 3D+2 Blaster 6D, dodge 5D
  • KNOWLEDGE 3D+2 Bureaucracy 5D+2, intimidation 4D+l, law enforcement 4D, streetwise 5D, survival 6D, willpower 5D
  • MECHANICAL 2D+2 Capital ship piloting 4D, communications 5D, sensors 6D
  • PERCEPTION 3D+1 Bargain 5D+1, command 7D+2, con 5D+l, investigation 4D+2, persuasion 6D
  • STRENGTH 2D+2 Stamina 4D+2
  • TECHNICAL 2D Computer Programming/Repair 4D, Demolition 5D, First Aid 5D+2, Security 6D+2

Force Points: 3

Character Points: 12

Move: 10

Equipment: Datapad, Headset Comlink, Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D)


Kaiya Adrimetrum is first officer aboard the FarStar. She is a strong-willed and intense woman who has been molded by events beyond her control; she expects more of the same aboard the FarStar.

Adrimetrum initially began her fight against the Empire because the Empire destroyed her life. Her husband was killed by Imperial forces during the occupation of Siluria Ill. Adrimetrum organized her friends and relatives into a revolutionary cell, and led an attack on the Imperial governor of Siluria Ill. She and her freedom fighters were soon recruited into the Rebel Alliance by Corwin Shelvay, who convinced them their revolutionary efforts could have greater effects else where.

Since then, Adrimetrum has been a warrior, fighting the Empire and struggling to protect those fighting with her. She tends to develop strong personal ties to those in her commando teams. While that has increased efficiency and teamwork, it has also made death a greater sorrow to bear. Adrimetrum served with several teams during the Rebel Alliance’s fight against the Empire. She distinguished herself in combat so much that she was recently invited to join Page’s elite commandos. Since joining Lieutenant Page, she has earned his respect and trust.

Adrimetrum is an extremely serious woman in her early thirties. Although she still retains her youthful appearance – with short-cut black hair and chiseled, aristocratic features – her deep brown eyes betray a sense of weariness and a battle-weary heart. Adrimetrum is a good leader, the kind who inspires loyalty in her followers. She is an excellent complement to Captain Ciro’s subdued command style. She is strong and firm, yet knows when to unleash her aggressive nature to achieve her goals. Adrimetrum likes to negotiate from a position of strength. She is not aggressive unless she sees a clear need for such drastic action.

Watching out for her unit’s safety is a great concern and it figures into many of her command decisions. Adrimetrum is protective of her crew in an almost motherly way. She feels the pain when they are hurt, and accepts the risks of sending her people into combat. However, like a mother defending her young, when threatened, or her crew or her objective are put in jeopardy, she can become a dangerous, terrifying opponent. When threatened, Adrimetrum uses any tactic necessary to accomplish her mission.

Adrimetrum maintains a facade ofa cool, calm leader in the face of danger. Sometimes, however, the burden of being responsible for others’ lives digs deep into her heart and her sense of security and authority. Deep inside she feels she’s just very average and normal – just like the wife she used to be on Siluria III – but she knows she can’t allow the crew to see this. Adrimetrum focuses her energies through her concern, as well as her pursuit of the FarStar’s objectives in the Kathol sector.

Adrimetrum has made many friends over the years, including her former team’s Wookiee technician, Lofryyhn. After hearing her friend was imprisoned on Moff Sarne’s capital of Kal’Shebbol, Adrimetrum requested she be part of the task force sent to liberate that planet, and made sure she was one of the elite commandos sent to liberate the Moff’s prisons.

Kaiya Adimetrum

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