Lost Alien

  • DEXTERITY 4D Melee combat 6D+2, Thrown weapons 5D
  • STRENGTH 4D+2 Brawling 8D, CLimbing/Jumping 7D, Lifting 6D+2, Stamina 6D+2

Special Abilities:

Empathy: Gunthar is attuned to the general feelings of those around him. He can identify them in simple terms (angry, happy, afraid) and tell whether an individual is a friend, foe or neutral. This is a moderate perception task for Gunthar, but he gains +1D when using his empathic abilities. His empathy is attuned more to the subject’s inner attitudes and thoughts than outward appearance or actions.

Enhanced Vision: Gunthar has exceptional vision in low-lighting and gains +1D+1 to Perception and search in darkness.

Force Points: 2

Character Points: 7

Move: 9

Equipment: Heavy metal pipe (STR +1D)


Gunthar was one of the alien gladiators Moff Sarne kept for his amusement. He is a large, hulking alien mostly covered with reptilian skin. He has large clumps of hair growing from his shoulders, head, neck and back. A stubby tail helps him keep balance. He has large, dark, innocent looking eyes and a maw of blunt teeth meant for chewing on plants. Gunthar’s body shows scars here and there from his various bouts in Moff Sarne’s arena.

Gunthar’s species is unknown, and nobody knows from which star system he comes. Gunthar knows, of course, and he is fond of pointing into the sky and murmuring “Home. Home out there.”

He’s not terribly bright, but has an uncanny way of determining someone’s attitudes and reacting to them – even if they’re not apparent in that person’s actions. Gunthar knows enough to defend himself when confronted with someone “bad,” and shows compassion and kindness to those he knows are “good.” He knows a little Basic – mostly simple, one-syllable words – but speaks no other verbal language.

His biggest concern is going home – wherever that may be. Most likely his homeworld is located deep within the unknown regions of Moff Sarne’s Kathol sector, as the direction of his pointing seems consistent. Gunthar has a strong sense of loyalty to the “good” people around him, and is willing to go on ground missions with them to protect them. He’s also helpful for moving heavy machinery or parts aboard the FarStar. Gunthar often follows the commands of those he trusts, and sometimes needs to be commanded before he’ll act. Of course, if something threatens him or his friends, Gunthar acts immediately in defense.

Perhaps his closest friend aboard the FarStar is the Sludir Qesya Vth’naar, with whom he was imprisoned in the Moff’s detention cells. The two seem protective of each other, and are a formidable force when fighting side by side.


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