Genna Seedar

Field Medic

  • DEXTERITY 4D Blaster 5D, Dodge 6D, Running 5D
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D Survival 3D+1
  • MECHANICAL 3D Communications 4D, Repulsorlift Operation 4D+2
  • PERCEPTION 3D Sneak 4D+2
  • STRENGTH 2D Lifting 3D
  • TECHNICAL 4D First Aid 6D+1, (A) Medicine 2D

Force Points: 1

Character Points: 7

Move: 10

Equipment: Blast Helmet (+1D physical, +1 energy), blaster pistol (4D), 3 medpacs, small subspace radio


Genna is the last surviving member of a small resistance group on Kal’Shebbol which Moff Sarne ruthlessly stomped out. A young medical student studying at the University of Byblos, she was trapped on Kal’Shebbol while visiting friends when Moff Sarne imposed severe travel restrictions on the local inhabitants. Genna decided to help her young friends fight Moff Sarne’s tyranny, and she quickly taught herself how to use a blaster. Her friends succeeded in several small sorties against Moff Sarne’s forces, but they were quickly and ruthlessly beaten back. Genna used her medical knowledge to tend to her friends’ wounds, dragging many of them from small skirmishes back into their warren of secret rooms beneath Kal’Shebbol’s starport. Genna sat by the bedside of the last of them as they died from wounds inflicted by Sarne’s terrible weapons.

Genna wants to continue helping people with her medical skills, even if it means going into the heat of battle. She’s been in firefights before, and can hold her own with a blaster. Genna’s used to dodging blaster fire to rescue wounded comrades, and shows no fear of capture or death. However, inside that tough young woman’s heart is a frantic terror which she channels into her actions in combat. Often after a firefight ends and once she’s tended to everyone’s wounds, Genna goes off on her own to weep quietly to herself.

Overcome by tremors in her hands, she needs a good hour or two to calm herself before she’s capable of other actions. Genna is shy among the FarStar crew, but maintains her brave and selfless manner in ground combat.

Although she has few close friends, she looks up to First Officer Kaiya Adrimetrum as both her superior officer and a role model. Kaiya similarly tries to look after the young medic when she has time.

Genna Seedar

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