Darryn Thyte

Bridge Operations Officer


Type: Bridge Officer

  • DEXTERITY 1D (reduced due to injury) Blaster lD+1, Dodge 4D+2
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D Bureaucracy 5D, Intimidation 4D+ 1, Planetary systems 4D
  • MECHANICAL ID Astrogation 7D+2, Capital Ship Piloting 4D+l, Capital Ship Shields 2D+2, Communications 6D+2, Sensors 7D, Space Transports lD+l, Starfighter Piloting 1D+l, Starship Gunnery 1D+1, Starship Shields 3D
  • PERCEPTION 3D Command 6D, Investigation 5D, Persuasion 4D
  • TECHNICAL 3D Computer Programming/Repair 5D+2, Droid Programming 4D, Security 6D

Special Abilities: Cybernetic Hand: Thyte has a relacement cybernetic hand that has a number of specialized tool attachments and a computer data-jack. The jack allows him to access most computer ports but he can only use them when there is a visual data display to allow him to see the data he’s manipulating. This jack gives him a +lD bonus to his computer programming/repair skill.

Force Points: 3

Character Points: 10

Move: 10

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (4D), Headset Comlink


Thyte is the FarStar’s bitter bridge operations officer, in charge of maintaining order and efficiency for the starship’s command center. He’s the captain’s eyes and ears to everything outside the ship, from communications to sensor readings. He functions as the ship’s navigator. The bridge is his responsibility and his home, and he’s fiercely protective of his territory.

Thyte is a former X-wing pilot. Several months before the New Republic task force liberated Kal’Shebbol, he was flying air support for a ground action in the mountains of Vaenrood. Imperial artillery fire clipped his fighter’s Wing and he crashed. In the accident, his canopy buckled and snapped, shearing off his right hand and most of his arm. Medics were able to replace the arm with a clunky cybernetic model – the only thing that was available at the time. The less sophisticated cybernetic hand doesn’t have very precise sensitivity and function, but it has a computer interface that allows him to manipulate data if a visual interface is also available.

He was taken off the active duty pilot roster after his crash. given Thyte’s changed attitude, his squad mates were more than happy to see the dour man go. He continued to travel with the task force he was assigned to, serving as a bridge officer aboard one of the capital ships. When word of the FarStar’s mission spread through the New Republic fleet, Thyte demanded to be assigned to the ship. Here, he figured, he could prove his own worth and perhaps escape his personal demons.

Thyte desperately wants to fly again but he suffers from a severe “confidence problem.” He knows that if he returns to active duty with a mainstream fighter squadron his attitude and his disability would set him apart from his team members. As it is, Gorjaye is adamant that Lt. Thyte will not be assigned to fighter duty. Instead, Thyte serves on the FarStar bridge, where he can still see some action without actually piloting a starfighter.

Thyte’s tall and pallid form haunts theFarStar’s bridge at all hours – he’s rarely seen elsewhere unless his duty requires it, and he loathes leaving the FarStar on missions, possibly indicating a fear of flying in small craft. The skin on his face has little color to it, and seems to hang under his dark eyes. Still, Thyte is a strong presence on the bridge. He can be very forceful and imposing when dealing with other bridge crewmembers and is not one to let others push him around.

Thyte is very independent and protective of his duties on the bridge. He should be. If anyone knows the FarStar’s bridge – her instruments and her sensor and communications capabilities – it’s Thyte. He’s also the only one with any experience as a capital ship astrogator. And Thyte knows it. He’s the type of officer who doesn’t take orders – he merely “accepts command suggestions” from his superiors. He knows the FarStar crew needs him enough to tolerate his attitude. Thyte always seems to be walking the edge between undisciplined brilliance and a slap in the face.

Thyte often takes the offensive, making preemptive strikes to inflict his biting opinions on those around him, and can work behind the scenes to cause a great deal of turmoil aboard the ship. Thyte hates Lieutenant Gorjaye, the starfighter squadron commander, mostly because she’s on active flight duty and he isn’t.

Darryn Thyte

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