Dann Drugah

Droid Specialist

  • DEXTERITY 2D+1 Dodge 4D+1, Running 3D+1
  • KNOWLEDGE 3D+1 Languages: Droids 5D, Value: Droids 5D
  • MECHANICAL 3D Communications 4D, Sensors 4D
  • PERCEPTION 2D+2 Command: Droids 4D
  • TECHNICAL 4D Computer Programming/Repair 5D, Droid Programming 5D+2, Droid Repair 6D, First Aid 5D, Security 5D+1

Force Points: 1

Character Points: 5

Move: 10

Equipment: Datapad, droid repair tools (+1D to droid repair), work coveralls


Dann Drugah is a rather shy, unassuming Human, but when he’s around droids, he’s outgoing and friendly. The young technician joined the FarStar’s crew to supervise and maintain the droids. He used to work in a tinkerer’s shop in Kal’Shebbol’s starport. Dann isn’t out for vengeance, or to make his fortune, or to see new worlds. He just wants to be alone with his droids.

Dann believes droids are his best friends. He’s not too good around real, living beings because he’s shy and easily cowed.

Dann doesn’t carry a blaster, and believes that he shouldn’t harm other beings. Whenever faced with combat his first instinct is to run and hide.

Dann Drugah

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