Brophar Tofarain

Starship Mechanic


Type: Starship Mechanic

  • DEXTERITY 2D+l Blaster 3D, Dodge 4D, Melee Combat 4D+2
  • KNOWLEDGE 2D Business: Starships 5D, Planetary Systems 4D, Streetwise 3D, Value: Starships 6D
  • MECHANICAL 3D+2 Astrogation 4D+2, Repulsorlift Operation 5D+2, Space Transports 7D, Sensors 5D, Starship Shields 6D
  • PERCEPTION 3D Bargain 7D, Con 6D+2, Gambling 5D, Persuasion 6D
  • STRENGTH 3D Brawling 5D, Lifting 4D, Stamina 4D+2
  • TECHNICAL 4D Capital Ship Repair GD, Computer Programming/Repair 6D+1, Droid Programming 5D+2, Security 7D, Space Transports Repair l0D, Starfighter Repair 5D+2, Starship Weapon Repair 7D

Force Points: 2

Character Points: 10

Move: 10

Equipment: Dirty Coveralls, Hydrospanner, Starship Toolkit (+lD to capital ship repain space transports, starfighter repair and starship weapon repair skills)


Tofarain was enjoying the latter years of his life running his own repair facility in Kal’Shebbol’s starport until the New Republic stepped in. His repair hangars and machine shops were a casualty of the fighting that forced Moff Sarne to flee Kal’Shebbol. A mistargeted concussion missile landed right in the middle of Tofarain’s repair bay, obliterating his storehouse of spare parts, most of his machinery, and several small starships he was repairing. Luckily, Tofarain and his crews had already taken shelter from the attack in a local tavern down the street.

So when the New Republic began recruiting a crew for the FarStar; Tofarain was near the front of the line. He demanded some sort of compensation tor the loss of his starship repair business. And if the New Republic wouldn’t compensate him with credits, he insisted the FarStartake him along on its journeys since he had nowhere else to go. Offering to serve as a transport chief and shuttle pilot, Tofarain also insured his place aboard the FarStar by “lending” the New Republic his personal shuttle (docked far from his illfated repair facility) for transport duties.

Tofarain had done his fair share of traveling when he was younger. He gained his military experience – and the rank of sergeant, which he’s carried around ever since – serving with a planetary militia in the Mid-Rim, then traveled the space lanes as a starship mechanic for many years. Tofarain eventually arrived on Kal’Shebbol after earning a small fortune in the free-trader and smuggling markets. He invested his credits in his repair bays, fixing ships for passing traders and later handling some repairs for Moff Sarne.

His greatest goal is to see as much of the galaxy as he can before he takes that Final Jump – and maybe make enough credits on his way to settle down on some nice, quiet world and retire for good. Tofarain’s so concerned with seeing new worlds that he insists he’s the only one qualified to pilot his shuttle. He claims it’s because he’s modified it so much that he’s the only one who knows how to handle it properly, but it’s mostly an excuse to get off his repair duties, see some new terrain, get involved in some action, and maybe find some opportunity for fortune.

Along with the Wookiee Lofryyhn, Tofarain maintains the FarStar’s starfighters and provides some technical support for the ship’s ground teams. He looks very much like a typical mechanic – he’s pudgy and gruff and his work coveralls are always covered in grime and sweat. He’s a pushy individual, but he’s also very practical. Tofarain is convinced he’s the best mechanic to work on the FarStar’s support ships and fighters, and he often insists on rolling up his sleeves and doing major repair jobs himself. He’s not satisfied trusting others to do the job correctly, and he often finds fault in others’ work. He’s always giving advice – and not always on repair jobs. Since he feels the New Republic owes him for destroying his repair bays on Kal’Shebbol, Tofarain often doles out his advice on the bridge. He feels he knows exactly how missions should be run (point-by-point) and what kind of strategy the command crew should be .following in situations. While most crew members respect his advice on technical matters, they tend to ignore his loud proclamations about how other areas of the FarStar’s mission should be handled.

Brophar Tofarain

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